Trailing Spouse Coach

Are you an expat living far from home? Are you a partner or are you married to someone who has a wonderful job overseas? Are you a parent of children living in a foreign country? Are you now retiring and leaving the workplace that brought you the whole world? Are you trying to figure out just what it is YOU want to do?
Making sense of questions like these can keep you awake night after night or you can find some help sorting them out with a coach. Coaches listen, make suggestions and help you find your own road.
What Is Life Coaching?
 Life Coaching, unlike therapy or counseling, is a support system that offers a client a trusted partner for truthful dialogue and forward assistance to become who they want to be more quickly and with accountability for their actions. Coaches do not have the answers or fix the client! Coaches help clients find their own inner wisdom and expand their perspectives to guide their future. A coach helps you define your most important goals and challenges and assists you in meeting them. A coach is your trusted partner along this uncertain journey. Coaching is all about you.

Why Should I Hire a Coach?

•I can add value to my life;
•My time can be better focused when I'm not worrying;
•My relationships can be strengthened;
•I can approach this lifestyle positively as a place where I can grow;
•Facing an unknown future can be overwhelming;
•I can get to the highest pinnacle with help
•I'm worth every bit of attention I am given.

Cheers - Terri

Terri Williams

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