Success Stories

By: Theresa via livelines
It really depends on where you go, there are visa issues for many countries

and it depends on the local economy too. I am the trailing spouse and in 10
yrs in Asia I have taught ESL, taught at univ. (with an MA being enough to
qualify) volunteered for various education and NGO type work and also been
paid for NGO and consulting work. Teaching is almost always avail. but many
ESL jobs have bad hours such as only evenings and weekends. Good NGO or
consulting work takes longer to find, in my experience, usually by the time
I've made the connections to land the job we've got a year or so left in the
Best salaries usually from Int'l schools for certified teachers. There is
also the quality of life issue and I've often sucked up my pride and took low
pay for the sake of having ANY work to do ...
Then, I had kids - and now the pay better be good if it takes me away
from quality time with them and I love that I can afford to be a stay at home
parent and live comfortably. Then again, I often wonder if we'd have had 3
kids were we not in this FSO life, there must be an interesting relationship
to FSO spousal unemployment and family size :-)
Bangkok, Rangoon, Yokohama, Nagoya, Bangkok, to DC next week and then Tbilisi