Ebay, Etsy and Other online options

For the craft minded spouses, online retail shops can be a viable resource for extra income.  When I first started my Nursing Cover business, I started on eBay with immediate positive results.  If you can navigate the web, create a cute signature page and put out a good product, you can be in business in a day.
Of course you have to set up the accounts, including a paypal or google pay accounts as well as your selling account and you have to take into consideration that you will have to pay eBay or Etsy to sell your stuff but it is fun, relatively inexpensive and can bring in some serious cash :)
To give you an example, in my first year of business, before having my own merchant website created, I sold on eBay and Etsy simultaneously.  In a good month, I would sell @ $3500.00 worth of merahandise.  Not bad for a few hours of work a day.  Plus, for stay at home parents like myself, it gave me the freedom to be at every school evert and every soccer game.