Buainess & Life Coach

I have one intention as a coach – for you to meet with success in all you do.
Here is how I can help.
You might be an overwhelmed small business owner or coach that wants solutions and strategies to create a business that supports your life, and a life that supports your business. I invite you to explore some options to make that happen.
You might be a busy Mom and/or professional who is feeling secretly stressed-out, like your superwoman powers are running on low. You want to experience more harmony, peace of mind, and energy in your busy life. Consider a solution that will work. For real.
After ten years of corporate accounting and working for publicly traded companies in financial management, I left the workforce to get married, have children, and pursue work that was more meaningful and satisfying to me. As a long-time yogini and meditator, I became a certified yoga and meditation instructor to help people reduce stress, improve the quality of their lives, and stay connected to their natural inner resources. Working as a teacher led me to pursue coaching certification with Dr. Martha Beck, best known as Oprah’s life coach.
I am passionate about helping women put into practice, flexible, personalized, solutions so they can meet with success in business - and in life.

Let's connect! You can go to the website at http://nonajordan.com, or, you can sign up for the bi-weekly Ezine and receive a complimentary copy of the mini-manual, More Happy, Less Stress: the art of doing nothing that improves nearly everything. To reach me via Skype, my name is ejordan1.

Kind regards~

Nona Jordan
Business & Life Design
Solutions so you can flourish
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