Elise Hanna Photography

We, like most, will be arriving at Falls Church Oakwood on about March 27th...just in time for the cherry blossom festival! I am currently accepting portrait commissions during the festival and beyond. What a wonderful memento to take with us to post and to remember the spark of these great lives we are embarking on with our families.

Grown in the rain of the Pacific Northwest among moss and rolling wheat fields I was schooled in the art of interior design. With an owl’s-eye for artistic detail and an aptness for all things creative, I’ve unleashed my talents upon the world of photography.
Recall your childhood. We all had one. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Filled with memories. Snippets. Some vivid. Others blurred. What do you remember? You remember your favorite tea set, but do you remember the pattern or which stuffed animals were invited to the party? Some memories constitute the most significant moments in life. Others are barely remembered. The swiftness and transience of life is what makes it so precious. I aim to capture these moments in a setting both familiar and real.
Life is not stagnant. It moves. It jumps. It laughs and plays. A thousand things happen in the split second the shutter snaps. These are the moments I endeavor to capture. The quotidian pulse of life unraveling…unobtrusively and without apology.