Brian Neely Photography

Hi, I'm BH Neely. I specialize in clean, honest black & white photography. I try to avoid fashionable subjects and processing methods in my work, so that when you buy a piece, it will be as beautiful and fresh in 2050 as it is today.
My current projects include:

Adespota - My biggest challenge in photographing Greece's adespota (homeless dogs & cats) so far is that when I get down to their level, they run up to me to lick my camera.

Aphrodite's Hair - Inspired by Botticelli's "Venus Rising" and the beautiful, thick hair of Greek women, "Aphrodite's Hair" is a series of black & white portraits in which I strive to capture the beauty and power of a woman and her hair. I'm currently seeking models 18 years and older for this project.
Thank you very much for your visit.