Nursing Cover Shop- Amy Pratt

I am a new Foreign Service spouse who is curretnly 8 months into my first posting in Wellington, NZ. I have owned my at home business for 4 years and am overjoyed at the opportunity to continue working while overseas. I wasn't sure how I was going to continue my web based busines while in New Zealand but was delighted to find out that New Zealand has it's own version of Ebay here called Trade Me.

I began listing my nursing covers within the first month of arriving. The concept is the same but the rules for paying traxes, etc are a bit different.  You learn as you go.  I have been lucky enough to find local supplies so I don't have to import fabric from the States.  The fabric here is a bit more expensive but I am still able to make a profit.  I still have my website and occasionally sell a few covers through it but I do have the added expense of international shipping which my clients so far, are willing to pay.  I have also had many local sales through my USA based website which is a delight.

I am not earning anywhere near what I was earning in the USA but it does help and I am still able to be home when the kids need me.


My business is an online retail store specializing in covers for Nursing Mothers. I also sell matching accessories and wholesale to boutiques worldwide. I have @ 8 shops across the globe that sell my wares and a few more in the USA. While it may be difficult to continue direct consumer sales while in say...Zambia, I think I will still be able to supply my boutiques.
If that doesn't work out I can always make curtains, sofa covers, dining chair covers, etc. for the FS housing :)  http://www.nursingcovershop.com/


JSM Career Coaching

Julie Mendez, a Certified Job Search Specialist, offers resume, job search, and interview coaching services to job seekers around the globe. A graduate of New York University, she has over five years experience in the recruitment industry, including as a Branch Manager for a placement agency in Washington, DC.

Because of her gypsy lifestyle following her spouse's diplomatic career around the world, Julie has also had the opportunity to serve as the Community Liaison Office Coordinator at the US Embassy in Rome, Italy; where she developed programs and initiatives to maintain high morale and enhance the quality of life for the US diplomatic community. As a Career Coach with JSM Career Coaching, Julie has led employment-related teleseminars for other US Embassy communities, and also has been a teleseminar presenter for the National Resume Writer Association. A Behavioral Specialist and Authorized DISC Administrator, she is also a member of the Interview Coaching Association and the International Coaching Federation.
Julie's passion is to help her clients find not just A job, but THE job; and she makes it her personal mission to empower each individual with the skills they need to land the particular job they want and deserve.

Find Me on the Internet:
Website - http://www.jsmcareercoaching.com/
Blog - http://www.jobsearchcoaching.blogspot.com/
LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/in/juliemendez
Twitter - http://twitter.com/JulieMendez
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A Career in the Theater

By Ann LaPorta

As for a career in the theater our shining example would be Joy Zinoman. While
a trailing spouse in Malaysia in the '70s and raising 2 young children she
became involved in directing at the university and brought the Malay theater
into the 20th Century. She came home to complete a combined undergrad and
graduate degree in theater and to found the Studio Theater, one of Washington's
best. Joy retires this year and will be honored by DACOR with a dinner this
On a less professional level my husband and I have either founded or been active
in little theater groups in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Ankara, Medan, Ulanbaatar and
Naples, Italy. We found it a fun and enjoyable way to bring the English
speaking community together.
Ann La Porta, whose husband acted for Joy in Kuala Lumpur.


A Special Cake

A Special Cake makes custom cakes for special occasions. We hand-craft cakes designed to surprise and delight. We use the finest, freshest ingredients. Choose your own design, or one of ours. We also offer private/group courses in decorating and "Decorate Your Own Cupcake" parties.

Please visit our website at www.aspecialcake.blogspot.com or send us an email
for more information: anat.cakes@gmail.com


FLO Professional Development Fellowship

For all those spouses interested, here's the info:
1. SUMMARY: The Department is pleased to announce the
FLO Professional Development Fellowship program open to
spouses and partners of civilian direct hire US
Government employees under Chief of Mission Authority.
This program is designed to assist those spouses and
partners who are not in a position to pursue their
career paths overseas to maintain, enhance, and/or
develop their professional skills.
If you would like the rest of the info, go to my pages and click on the Fellowship link.


Ebay, Etsy and Other online options

For the craft minded spouses, online retail shops can be a viable resource for extra income.  When I first started my Nursing Cover business, I started on eBay with immediate positive results.  If you can navigate the web, create a cute signature page and put out a good product, you can be in business in a day.
Of course you have to set up the accounts, including a paypal or google pay accounts as well as your selling account and you have to take into consideration that you will have to pay eBay or Etsy to sell your stuff but it is fun, relatively inexpensive and can bring in some serious cash :)
To give you an example, in my first year of business, before having my own merchant website created, I sold on eBay and Etsy simultaneously.  In a good month, I would sell @ $3500.00 worth of merahandise.  Not bad for a few hours of work a day.  Plus, for stay at home parents like myself, it gave me the freedom to be at every school evert and every soccer game.


Trailing Spouse Coach

Are you an expat living far from home? Are you a partner or are you married to someone who has a wonderful job overseas? Are you a parent of children living in a foreign country? Are you now retiring and leaving the workplace that brought you the whole world? Are you trying to figure out just what it is YOU want to do?
Making sense of questions like these can keep you awake night after night or you can find some help sorting them out with a coach. Coaches listen, make suggestions and help you find your own road.
What Is Life Coaching?
 Life Coaching, unlike therapy or counseling, is a support system that offers a client a trusted partner for truthful dialogue and forward assistance to become who they want to be more quickly and with accountability for their actions. Coaches do not have the answers or fix the client! Coaches help clients find their own inner wisdom and expand their perspectives to guide their future. A coach helps you define your most important goals and challenges and assists you in meeting them. A coach is your trusted partner along this uncertain journey. Coaching is all about you.

Why Should I Hire a Coach?

•I can add value to my life;
•My time can be better focused when I'm not worrying;
•My relationships can be strengthened;
•I can approach this lifestyle positively as a place where I can grow;
•Facing an unknown future can be overwhelming;
•I can get to the highest pinnacle with help
•I'm worth every bit of attention I am given.

Cheers - Terri

Terri Williams

Seneca Coaching Solutions
Thriving in Global Transitions
Third Culture Kids
Job/Career Search
Expat Family Transitions
Retiree Transitions


Buainess & Life Coach

I have one intention as a coach – for you to meet with success in all you do.
Here is how I can help.
You might be an overwhelmed small business owner or coach that wants solutions and strategies to create a business that supports your life, and a life that supports your business. I invite you to explore some options to make that happen.
You might be a busy Mom and/or professional who is feeling secretly stressed-out, like your superwoman powers are running on low. You want to experience more harmony, peace of mind, and energy in your busy life. Consider a solution that will work. For real.
After ten years of corporate accounting and working for publicly traded companies in financial management, I left the workforce to get married, have children, and pursue work that was more meaningful and satisfying to me. As a long-time yogini and meditator, I became a certified yoga and meditation instructor to help people reduce stress, improve the quality of their lives, and stay connected to their natural inner resources. Working as a teacher led me to pursue coaching certification with Dr. Martha Beck, best known as Oprah’s life coach.
I am passionate about helping women put into practice, flexible, personalized, solutions so they can meet with success in business - and in life.

Let's connect! You can go to the website at http://nonajordan.com, or, you can sign up for the bi-weekly Ezine and receive a complimentary copy of the mini-manual, More Happy, Less Stress: the art of doing nothing that improves nearly everything. To reach me via Skype, my name is ejordan1.

Kind regards~

Nona Jordan
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Solutions so you can flourish
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Christine Elsea Mandojana, CPA

Christine Elsea Mandojana, CPA specializes in providing US tax and financial planning advice to US government employees and other expatriates worldwide. As the spouse of a US Foreign Service Officer, she understands the unique tax and financial planning challenges faced by US citizens living overseas. She currently services clients in 15+ countries and the United States using the latest internet communication technologies. You can contact her at:

(+57) 296-1470 (Bogota Office)
(+57) 321-205-2810 (Bogota Cell)
(202) 657-4875 (US VOIP)
(301) 576-4415 (US Fax)


Whole Life Cancer Coaching & Resources

As a wellness coach, registered nurse and survivor of two cancers, I am passionate about seeing others experience success in their fight against this disease. Are you eager to regain your health? Or know someone who is? I offer specialized coaching services to help people with cancer become survivors. These sessions are done by phone (via a U.S. number) from anywhere in the world so you get the full benefit without leaving the comfort of your home.
As coach, I listen carefully, contribute observations and questions, assist my clients in developing action plans and marshalling resources, and support them through accountability and affirmation, in order to help them achieve their goals to get well and stay well. Typical areas of coaching for a person healing from cancer may be: determining what treatments and care givers to choose; how to handle work, family or finances while undergoing treatment; and establishing new habits that will lead to long-term wellness.
You can experience for yourself the power of wellness coaching by booking your complimentary phone consultation now. You will leave this introductory session with a good idea of what your next step will be toward a Whole Life. Call or e-mail me for more information or to book your consultation.
My blog at www.wholelifecancercoach.com provides additional resources and encouragement.

Melodie Gage
Whole Life Cancer Coaching & Resources

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